At Preschool Staffing Solutions we are dedicated to providing centres with quality relievers. To ensure this, we are actively encouraging those relievers with experience or a desire to work with children but no recognised qualification to consider their ECE Training and we do all we can to help them with their centre based training.

Centre Based Training

Once a reliever has identified and registered with a training provider for centre based training Preschool Staffing Solutions can help by providing the necessary 12 voluntary unpaid hours in a childcare centre. This works well because not only do the centre have a volunteer helper, they also have an on-call reliever. As a reliever you will be paid whilst relieving but not whilst working your 12 voluntary hours. However, it is possible on your voluntary days that you may be asked by the centre to relieve, which of course means you will be paid.

For more information on training towards a recognised qualification while you are working as a reliever, contact the team at Preschool Staffing Solutions (03) 312 6043 or 0800 Reliever (735438).

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