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Review by Robyn Millard
My name is Robyn and for close to 2 years I worked for Preschool Staffing Solutions (and the former NZPP) as a reliever in Early Childhood Centres. Diane and the rest of the staff were always wonderful on the phone and very supportive in finding me as much work as they could over the time employed by them, this being essential as I’m a single mum of two teens.The centres were bright, welcoming, and re-instilled the belief that this career path was what I wanted. I now work part time in an Early Childhood Centre and will be forever grateful to Diane and her team for giving me back my dream.I wish them all the luck in the world and know you won’t be disappointed with ‘Preschool Staffing Solutions’, whether you sign up as a centre looking for friendly and caring part time staff, or as a reliever looking for a wonderful opportunity to have fun while doing one of the most important jobs out there – Caring for our future!
Review by Michelle Littlejohn
I started with the business on 29th September 2002 when they were known as Preschool Personnel and we were known as Relief Educators. I have been working around Dunedin and Mosgiel proud to be a full time reliever and I have met some amazing and loyal friends.With the change of ownership and the lovely name change to Preschool Staffing Solutions the business has continued to support the preschool industry by supplying them with amazing people to fill in for teachers who are away from work. Our delightful new management Diane Blair and Trudy on reception have brought a new energy and flair which is nice when you get a phone call at 7am in the morning.What I like most about being a reliever is meeting the different teachers in the centres you attend and learning from watching how they role model with the children and keeping up to date with the ministry requirements. It’s so nice to see the positive and friendly outlook Diane has brought to the managers role and it was lovely to catch up with everyone at the Christmas party in Dunedin.  All the best for the future ahead.Many Thanks Diane, you’re building a great team.
Review by Joanne Brown
Preschool Staffing Solutions are wonderful to work for. They are always friendly and helpful and do their best to   accommodate me when I have been able to work. Relieving has worked well for me in the past as it suited my other commitments, however now my circumstances have changed and I have found a full time job, and I would like to thank them for the opportunities I have had working for Preschool Staffing Solutions.
Review by Pallavi
Working for Preschool Staffing Solutions has been a wonderful experience. I feel privileged to have been part of such a professional team and will miss all my colleagues.I appreciate both the professional and personal growth opportunities that have been provided to me during my time with the company.I would like to thank you in particular for all your advice and support. I hope that we will stay in touch as I begin this new chapter in my career.

Review by Dana
I would like to thank you for the many opportunities I have had with Preschool Staffing Solutions. I’ve enjoyed being part of your team and have worked alongside some excellent people in some fantastic centres. This experience has been invaluable to me in gaining both experience in a range of centres and exposure to them to help establish a best fit for me in future.I wish you and the company all the best for the future and wish to thank you for acting as a referee to help me gain this role. Thanks again for everything.
Erica Hyde
Ki Ora Diane and TrudyBefore I head off on my overseas adventure, I’d just like to take the time to thank you both profusely for giving me the opportunity to work the best job I’ve ever had.  They say “Choose a career you love and you will never work a day in your live!”  For this reason I am choosing to pursue Early Childhood Education, and this revelation wouldn’t have come to me without Preschool Staffing Solutions.  Thank you both so much!Julia Fruean


Working for Preschool Staffing Solutions was a wonderful experience.  Diane and Trudy, you are amazing ladies and I thank you so much for being understanding and accommodating of my rather erratic schedule.  I believe that your frequent displays of empathy and genuine interest in my life from time to time, is indeed a definitive aspect of your comfortable team dynamic and leadership style.  My time as a Reliever was insightful, challenging at times and yet incredibly rewarding.  My greatest respect extends to all individuals, Preschool teachers and staff members who care for our young ones – it is no easy task.  If you’re looking to develop communicative skills in negotiation and debating, toddlers are fantastic teachers!

 Thank you so much Julia.  

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