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Review by Educational Child Care Centre Inc.
I have had the pleasure of dealing with Preschool Staffing Solutions since Diane bought the business.  I have always found the service so friendly and simple, nothing is ever a bother whether I am phoning at 9 at night or 7 in the morning I am always greeted cheerfully and a reliever is always at hand.  We have developed close relationships with our relievers and Diane always does her best to give us the same teachers for great continuity.  We have tried using our own relievers and other agencies but have found this agency hassle free and reasonable.  I have no problems recommending the service.
(Principal/Licensee),   Educational Child Care Centre Inc.   – 2013
I have known Diane for many years now, firstly as an employee of the business that she now owns and runs.  We have been using Preschool Staffing Solutions in our previously owned Kindergarten since February 2009 and in our new Preschool since February 2013.  During this time, we have found them to be very useful and always able to have a reliever for us (whether qualified or unqualified) even at such short notice.  Her staff are well mannered, well presented and come prepared with appropriate clothing.  We love being able to have the same relievers return to us, keeping familiar faces for our Tamariki and their Whanau.  Diane shows an invested interest in her clients and the service that she provides.  She seeks feedback and advice from us to ensure her relievers are meeting our standards and has been implementing a new trial process before hiring new staff which I commend.
Nature’s Play Preschool – Pegasus   – 2013
I use Preschool Staffing Solutions when ever I require a reliever for Little Explorers Preschool.  Diane is a joy to deal with and the relievers she provides are always professional and competent.  It also a great bonus to be able to organise relievers via text.  If I find out one of my teachers is sick while out for dinner on a Sunday night, I can send Diane a quick text and be back enjoying my time with family and friends, safe in the knowledge that Diane will text me back when she has a reliever sorted for me.
Supervisor – Little Explorers Preschool   – 2015
Preschool Staffing Solutions are our first choice for quality relievers.  Nothing is ever a nuisance for Diane, and she is prompt and reliable in what can often be a rushed and stressful situation.  She is always respectful of, and responds to our feedback and is great at quickly understanding the needs of your particular setup in terms of a “reliever profile”.  We like the fact that it is a locally based and run business and that we deal with the same manager rather than an impersonal call centre.  It certainly works well for us.
Director Mozarts   – 2015
We have been using Preschool Staffing Solutions for most of 2015 & they have been great to deal with.  The service we have received has been nothing short of outstanding from organising temps at last minute to the quality of the staff we have been provided with.  Both Diane & Trudy run a great business & we would recommend them to anyone seeking temporary staff in the Early Childhood sector.
– 2015


Just a quickNoku Te Ao note to say thank you very much for all the help and support you have given us over the years. It is very reassuring to know that when I need a reliever I can ring or text Preschool Staffing Solutions and you always do your best to get someone to fill the position as quickly and painlessly as possible.  I have been known to text at odd wee hours of the morning and late into the night and you have always answered me as soon as you are able (or awake!).  I also appreciate how flexible you have been in making sure we get the right person who suits our centre.   As we are an immersion Māori centre it is sometimes difficult to find the right match but we very much appreciate the effort you and your staff put into customising the service.   Thank you again.

Ngā mihi,  Dy Stirling   – 2015





I think Diane’s service at Preschool Staffing Solutions is amazing.  It’s so easy, I send her a quick text and usually within minutes I have a great Queens Highreliever on board for the day. Diane has a good band of workers who are friendly, reliable and work well with the children. An important part of the service is that Diane can usually supply us with a familiar reliever who fits in easily to our routines and programme creating an almost seamless change for our children and I know that the day will still run smoothly. In our Under Two’s where change can sometimes be stressful having that  familiar reliever on board is one less worry , as I know the toddlers are going to be well looked after and happy.  I confidently recommend her service to others.                                  Lorna PelvinSenior Teacher – Queens Preschool   – 2015


WFootstepse have been using Preschool Staffing Solutions for a few years now and I can definitely say their service even improves with time rather than declines, which we have found with other providers in the past. We are more than happy with the staff that are sent to us and there is a great relationship with everyone at Preschool Staffing Solutions so that we can ask for certain relievers that particularly suit our centre.  As a community not for profit centre we have to watch every cent we earn, so another reason for us to choose Preschool Staffing Solutions is that their prices are more than fair.  As centre Manager of a busy centre when staff get sick or things happen unexpectedly, it is great to know that I can just text even at weekend, first thing in the morning or later at night and I get an answer straight away and know Diane will have it sorted for me. Diane and Trudy know who we usually have as relievers and understand and cater well to the ‘special character’ needs of our centre.  I can certainly recommend PSS as a staffing solution when you need to find relievers fast, that are efficient, fit well and work hard.  Keep up the good work ladies.

Hilary Henderson, Education Manager, Footsteps Christian Community Preschool   – 2015


I have no hesitation in recommending Preschool Staffing Solutions as your first stop for a relieving agency.  I have called on Preschool Staffing Solutions  for relievers from when Diane first took over the business.  I value the fast, friendly communication that you receive from Diane and her team and I commend the time she invests in getting to know her clients.  I love the fact you can add relievers to your favourites list, this ensures you have consistent relievers in your Centre that the children know well.  It certainly gives me peace of mind knowing that I can leave my relieving needs in Diane’s capable hands and that any reliever Diane sends out to me will be a suitable reliever for my Centre.

Renée Ashworth, Director / Centre Manager, Cashmere Early Learning Centre   – 2015


We changed over from another provider to Preschool Staffing Solutions and are so pleased we did.  I get prompt service by telephone and Diane and her support team are always very pleasant to deal with.   They always follow up with a confirmation text of time and the name of the relieving teacher who will be attending which is an excellent procedure.  I always know my messages have been received as these are also followed up by phone or text within a short time of my enquiry.  All the relieving teachers have been punctual, arriving on time which had been a problem with our last provider who constantly sent relievers to preschools other than our own!  Being a local agency makes a big difference to providing a high quality service for us.  The quality of staff has been good and they have been able to 100% accommodate our needs when we have needed qualified teachers.  I would recommend Preschool Staffing Solutions to other Early Education Centres and we will not be switching back to our old provider.

 Sue Downey, Senior Teacher, Avonside Early Childhood Centre   – 2015


Preschool Staffing Solutions has provided our preschool with top quality relievers who have a love of teaching.  The organisation and its people are extremely dedicated to ensuring our needs are met and to the highest standard.  No matter what time you call, you always receive a warm reception and Diane and Trudy go out of their way to cater for us.

Jo Robb, Centre Manager (Templeton Nursery and Preschool)   – 2015


Bear Park St Clair has been using the excellent services of Preschool Staffing Solutions Limited since March 2015 and they have never failed to deliver, even with last minute urgent requests.  They are always readily available and respond promptly to all phone messages.  They are always pleasant; you never feel you are a nuisance with a “last minute” request.  Diane and Trudy instantly established a strong and professional rapport with Wendy, Centre Supervisor. They very quickly compiled a “Preferred Relievers List”.  Diane and Trudy impress as being proactive and have personally visited Bear Park St Clair to view their relievers in action – never experienced such service from other reliever agencies!  Nothing is ever a problem for Diane and Trudy.  Both Wendy and I have no hesitation in endorsing and recommending Preschool Staffing Solutions Limited – they completely eliminate any stress caused by staff absence.

Tony and Jackie Stevely, Directors, Bear Park St Clair  – 2015



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